Kinesiology Client Chat

Jemma, age 21

Q. So Jemma how would you describe Kinesiolgy and why did you  decide to try Kinesiology?

A.  I find Kinesiology hard to describe because its an alternative and seemingly very technical method of treatment, but I can describe the way it makes me feel and how it has helped me in my every day life.   I find that the most rewarding thing about it is that after every session I feel balanced, whole and light as a feather, like a weight has been lifted off me.  I don't seem to find life such a struggle and clarity comes more easily.  My mum introduced me to it and I can't thank her enough.  The impact on my life is so significant that I make sure I prioritise my monthly appointments which keep me on track and the panic attacks away.  I actually can't imaging my life without it now.

Melissa, age 52

Q. Hi Melissa, tell me about your experience with Kinesiolgy and why did you decide to try Kinesiology ?

A.  I was told about Kinesiology by my dentist actually.  He suggested it as a way to help me with the grinding of my teeth in my sleep.  I was chewing through my guards and the pain in my jaw was getting worse. I had to have a few sessions which worked on the muscles and alignment of my jaw. I have had things like Reiki before so I was very open to it but what surprised me the most was how many emotional triggers came up during the treatment.  I'm so happy with the result, its been a very welcomed relief. 

Megan, age 39

Q. Hi Megan, tell me about your experience with Kinesiolgy and why did you decide to try Kinesiology ?

A.  I've tried other complimentary therapies such as Physio and Chiro to help manage my back pain but I found that the relief was only temporary leaving the root cause masked and unknown. Kinesiolgy has been able to work with my body to unmask the root cause and associated emotional triggers.  Balancing both the physical and emotional issues has finally given me the lasting pain relief I've needed for so long. 

Jenny, age 42

Q. So Jenny, so far, how has your Kinesiology experience been?

A.  Thank you for introducing me to Kinesiology and helping me with my journey to heal and to reach my potential when I am confused and exhausted and unsure which way to turn. I would recommend everyone to try Kinesiology and start with you and your explanations of how you can help is invaluable.  

Beth, age 50

Q. So Beth, how do you feel about your Kinesiology experience?

A.  Oh my goodness, Kinesiology is just truly amazing.  I don't even now how to explain how much it has helped me and my kids.  The change in my stress levels is just incredible and I noticed a new confidence in my son.  I feel so calm and at peace when I finish a session and I would totally recommend anyone to try it.