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"The Winter Winner" - Beat those Bugs with Kinesiology

People of Perth - Winter is upon us!! 


Coughs, colds, flus, nasty, nasty bugs are everywhere at the moment.  As a natural health therapist, I am always looking for alternatives to allopathic medicine.  Many clients mention to me that their reactions to annual Flu shots and vaccines in general, is frequently uncomfortable and unpleasant.  If you are seeking an alternative to boost your immune system and help you survive this winter then Kinesiology is your answer. 

Interleukins, Cytokines and other such naturally occuring bug fighting mates, are found in the human body and form the foundation for our immune system. They are designed to help ward off and conquer lingering coughs, colds, flus and other immune issues.  Unfortunately due to our hectic and predominantly sedentary lifestyles during the winter months, our immune sytems can become sluggish and stressed out.  Kinesiology is a wonderful immune boosting treatment incorporating a balance to boost the bug fighters and calm the stressors. It's a terrific natural alternative for those who are not comfortable with the flu injection or other medications or have found that they simply are not working.  (A common theme I'm hearing at the moment.)

In answer to the call out from the natural health seekers, this winter package involves a series of 3 immune boosting sessions with a savings of 30% off your last appointment.  In addition if you are an existing Loyalty Club Member you can enjoy an additional 20% discount by receiving your last session at half price.  For further details or to take advantage of this great offer, book online now, email or call to discuss any concerns.

*Conditions Apply

It's a chance to Life your Life Better.  you are worthy of feeling well again.

Choose from these great offers and get started  today towards Living Your LIfe Better.

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Other great offers


oPTION 1                Save 30%

"The Winter Winner"

* Conditions Apply

* Full payment must be made at each appointment.

* Discount applys to last session only. (Loyalty Members receive 50% off)

* Loyalty points do not apply to these sessions. 

* Sessions are recommended to be held each 1 – 2 weeks. May vary if required.

OPTION 2            --% Savings

New Course Specials coming soon.

* Conditions Apply


OPTION 3      Save more than 20%!

Kinesiology Taste Test

Normally $60   -    Special Offer - $40


New to Kinesiology? 

Take advantage of our Taste Test deal. 

40 Min. mini session

*Conditions Apply

     * Valid for New Clients Only.

     * Loyalty points do not apply to these sessions.