Pain is compulsory, suffering is optional

"Pain is compulsory, suffering is optional" My amazing Son reminded me of this in our recent chat. Its a line from one of his favourite rap songs and it really resonated with both of us.

Two things occurred to me during our chat that week. Firstly, we are not defined by the moments in our life, good or bad, but by the way in which we perceive them and secondly, all those years of effort I put into spending time with my kids instead of always keeping a tidy house or getting a meal ready on time, really did pay off. Shout out to my amazing kids. xxxx

So remember, its always a good time to grow and change. Not always easy, but possible. Kinesiology is amazing at assisting us to unlock the hidden subconscious belief patterns that keep us stuck in the pain and suffering, both physically and emotionally. Now is a great time to check out the specials on the website and book your session today.

Call 0434 980 730 to book now.



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