Lessons from Nature

Welcome to the cooler months and the


colours of Autumn.

"Mother Nature is so beautiful and has so much to teach us. If we can still ourselves to observe and be open to seeing her wisdom, in turn our greatness will only expand." Rita Rose

The cooler months are a great reminder that its time to prune back the things in our life that are not working. Anxiety, fears and phobias are our bodies way of letting us know that our thinking is not quite in alignment with our highest wellbeing.

But how can we change that?

How do we find our happiness again?

How do we get back to what seems impossible to achieve?

Kinesiology is amazing at assisting the brain pathways of persistent negative chatter to quiet down, pruning away to then let the good thoughts that support us blossom again.

Working on a combination of brain integration, emotional processing and the adrenal glands could change your life forever and give you back that sound piece of mind that allows you to enjoy and appreciate each day. Fantastic for teenagers struggling with school pressures and anyone dealing with difficult changes in their life.

Kinesiology assisted homeostatis enables the body to realign to a state of health and wellbeing offering a much higher quality of living and getting you back to doing the things you love to do with ease and flow.

Its time to Live the life you deserve. Live Life Better.


SuCro Kinesiology

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