ASTHMA - The Silent Killer!

“ASTHMA – The Silent Killer”

According to the National Asthma Council of Australia, around 40,000 people are hospitalised and around 400 people lose their life from Asthma every year, with a significant number of these deaths occurring during the winter season.

Beyond the hospitaisation and deaths there are people we love struggling to do normal activities every single day. Asthma is a complex issue for the body to manage and while Kinesiology has great success with significantly reducing its symptoms, sometimes even eliminating the issue completely; it can take several sessions to conquer the condition and offer the long term relief asthma sufferers only dream of.

Visit your qualified Kinesiologist Specialist today and ask how Kinesiology can help.

Wishing you all comfort, warmth and easy breathing.

For more information on understanding what is asthma, how it effects our lives and how to deal with it, watch this short youtube video link

and visit:

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